Do not clone your DEV site using any third party cloning plugin/service when WPMerge plugin is installed and active on your DEV site.
Please use only the WPMerge option to apply the DEV site changes to your PROD site.

When you set up a site as DEV, WPMerge plugin will perform a few DB Mods like Big IDs conversion and triggers addition.
It will cause some serious problems when you clone your DEV site to PROD with the DB changes(on DEV site) made by WPMerge plugin.
So we recommend you to use the WPMerge plugin to push the changes to your PROD site.

Or if you absolutely want to clone the DEV site to PROD or other location using the third party plugins,
Kindly do  Clone Prod DB & Test Merge  once on your DEV site and exclude the WPMerge tables before initiating the cloning process.

Feel free to write an email to us if you need any information or assistance further.